What we do

Single point of integration

Innoware easily connects with your organisation’s ERP or WMS to provide a single point of integration to warehouse automation. Innoware manages the sundry of warehouse technology and provides a single and consistent interface for your operation.

Integrative Technology

Warehouse processes are simplified and optimised through our seamless integration with different material handling equipment. The benefits of the individual elements of the operation are combined into a single integrated system.

Streamlined Distribution

The Innoware team has gained a wealth of experience from many decades within the warehouse automation industry. This experience, along with a talented engineering team, and our passion for successful outcomes, delivers results against the demands of modern e-commerce-driven supply chains. Innoware provides this in a single platform that enables greater efficiency, flexibility, scalability, and visibility to respond to your future needs.


Innoware is a flexible platform that is designed to accommodate the addition of future warehouse technology. We partner with technology providers to ensure their equipment and software are suitably integrated and supported for the long term.

Cloud or on-premises

Innoware provides cloud or on-premise installation options for maximum compatibility with your organisation’s IT requirements. Innoware is continually kept up to date with the latest OS and application security patches.

Enabling Technologies 

Innovative efficient, flexible, and affordable automation solutions that support the ongoing optimisation process.

Automated Packaging Machines

Automated Robotics Systems

Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

Automated Vertical Storage Machines

Mobile Racking Systems

Telescopic Boom Conveyor Systems

Conveying Systems

Automated Pick / Put / Pack to Light Solutions

Voice Systems

Label Print and Apply Systems

Dimension, Weigh and Scan (DWS) Systems

Sortation Systems